What to do After Being Accused of a DUI

You’ve been accused of a DUI and aren’t sure what’s next. Are you going to lose your license? Will you face time in prison? Here are some tips on what you can do after being accused of a DUI.
1.    Recall the Details of the Event: Don’t wait too long to write down everything that happened; the longer you wait, the blurrier your memory will become. Details like if a breathalyzer was used, what time you were stopped and if anyone was with you may help you when you’re asked to recall the event in court.
2.    Seek Legal Counsel: You will want to speak with a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. Do some research and meet with a couple of lawyers to see who is right for your case, then hire the best legal counsel you can afford.
3.    Look for Witnesses: Was there anyone with you when you were stopped? Take some time to talk to them about the event. They may have noticed some details you overlooked. Talk to family members or friends who would be willing to speak in court as character witnesses on your behalf.
Being accused of a DUI is an understandably stressful event. Take a deep breath and gather yourself. Lean on the support of friends and family during this time and let your lawyer handle working with the authorities. If you’ve been accused of a DUI, call Doherty Law Offices at 262-338-5721.