Best Interest of Your Little Ones

Most courts stand by the belief that joint custody is preferable when possible. This is when both parents share custody of a child, and it can either be a 50/50 split of time or more customized. If a parent wants sole custody, then evidence would need to be provided proving the other spouse is not fit to look after the child. 

Child Support

Even if one parent is granted sole custody, the other might still be responsible for making child support payments. These payments may even be required if joint custody is granted. It is up to the court to decide how much needs to be paid, and the parents’ individual incomes and time spent with the child will need to be factored into the equation. 
Every child custody trial is different because each individual case has so many varying factors. Whether you and your former spouse can reach an amicable agreement or are at odds over how custody should be split, it is beneficial to call Doherty Law Offices at 262-338-5721 to learn more about this legal field in Wisconsin.